31 Jan 2022

Human trafficking / Finding the gap? Prosecution of trafficking in persons in Ethiopia

Based on extensive interviews and field research in Ethiopia, this brief puts forward actionable recommendations.

Ethiopia has recently brought perpetrators to justice for trafficking Ethiopian immigrants and subjecting them to various forms of exploitation in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Libya. The state has also demonstrated a growing political will to prevent and prosecute transnational forms of trafficking in persons. Yet, effective prosecution will elude Ethiopia unless it removes the impediments that are limiting its ability to ensure witness availability and bring more masterminds to justice.

About the authors

Dr Tadesse Simie Metekia is a Senior Researcher in the ENACT Programme in Addis Ababa, working on the Horn and North Africa region. His areas of expertise are transnational and international crimes, transitional justice, conflict and peace studies, criminal law and criminology. Before joining ISS, he taught comparative and international criminal law at Jimma University, Ethiopia. He has also served as a prosecution consultant for the US Department of Justice and the Netherlands Openbaar Ministerie.

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