Is better
cooperation a political
pipedream at EAPCCO?

EAPCCO’s 20th anniversary last year was a chance for states to take stock
of achievements and challenges.

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policymakers must pay more
attention to counterfeit drugs

A new study shows that poor and vulnerable populations, especially in Africa,
suffer the most.

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Cameroon and
Nigeria renew cooperation
to fight arms proliferation

Curbing the spread of small arms and light weapons is a priority – especially for Cameroon.

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Are counterfeit
drugs derailing progress
towards SDG3?

Falsified and substandard medicines are undermining African states’
ability to achieve SDG3.

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The silent
destruction of Senegal’s
last forests

If alarming trends in illicit timber trafficking aren’t soon reversed,
the forests of Casamance may disappear completely.

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