Why is drug use
and trafficking spreading
so fast in Africa?

This seminar considers the rapid spread of drug use and trafficking, and how
COVID-19 might affect policy options.

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Movement should
be safe for migrants; not
profitable for smugglers

Clampdowns on low-level smugglers have helped turn the industry into a
multimillion-dollar global business.

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Is human
trafficking expanding in Kenya?

New organised crime research shows that Kenya still provides an exit
point for Africans being exploited abroad.

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of human smuggling in Africa:
looking at the law

Domestic laws criminalising human smuggling in Africa diverge significantly
from the approach set out in the UN Smuggling Protocol.

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Human smuggling
in Africa: rethinking responses

Enhancing legal routes to movement would reduce the risks and harms experienced
by migrants and reduce profits for organised criminal networks.

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