sword: how technology
can combat wildlife crime

Tech can be a game-changer in reducing wildlife crime,
but it should be used with foresight and caution.

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Women as actors
of transnational organised
crime in Africa

This assessment aims to raise awareness among African countries on the
suspected role and involvement of women in TOC in Africa.

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have nowhere to hide
in Mauritius

A protection system for those exposing corruption is
non-negotiable for the country to keep its good governance reputation.

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Drugs, real estate
and money laundering
in Senegal

Will bold action with the Financial Action Task Force help Senegal
get off the grey list and strengthen the country's economy?

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ENACT is funded by the European Union
ENACT is implemented by the Institute for Security Studies and INTERPOL, in
affiliation with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime
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