Police crime
syndicate disrupted in Uganda

Arrest of senior Ugandan police officers
indicates a willingness to confront corruption.

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hurdles in curbing illicit
arms flows in Africa

The ENACT project promotes practical steps to
ensure success in the AU’s Arms Amnesty initiative.

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Decline in
elephant poaching in
Africa can be short-lived

The steady decrease in elephant poaching may be
threatened by new developments in the ivory market.

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Africa in arms:
Taking stock of efforts for
improved arms control

This paper examines the current challenges posed
by illicit arms flows in Africa and responses
by the AU and regional organisations.

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Better measures
for better responses

Analysing transnational organised crime is inherently
complex, but good data is crucial for good policy.

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ENACT is funded by the European Union
ENACT is implemented by the Institute for Security Studies and INTERPOL, in
affiliation with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime
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