Closing Ethiopia’s
federal-regional divide vital to
combating arms trafficking

The country’s federal authority must empower regional law
enforcement and involve the local community to improve security.

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Young African
footballers: going for gold
but smuggled for cash

Many sub-Saharan soccer players are stranded in North Africa while
on their way to Europe, where they believe they’ll make the big teams.

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Looking beyond
gun control to
stop cattle rustling

Communities in East Africa’s Karamoja Cluster need
alternative livelihood options to disrupt patterns of violence.

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Africa: axis for global
cigarette trafficking

The region is ideally located as a site for the
transit, sale and consumption of trafficked tobacco.

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Gun running,
organised crime and armed
conflict in East Africa

New regional responses are needed to counter the increased links
between illegally traded guns, armed groups and criminal organisations.

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