The human
cost of Africa’s illegal
logging industry

Across the continent, illicit logging undermines peace and security
and attracts exploitation.

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Is the AU
on track to silence
the guns?

Stemming demand for arms and ammunition is key if Africa is
serious about Vision 2020.

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heroin trafficking on the
East African coast

The volume of heroin shipped along a network of maritime routes
in East and Southern Africa has increased considerably.

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drug trafficking in
East Africa

By analysing drug-related incidents reported in the media in three key
East African nations over the past decade, this paper provides insights into
drug trafficking in the region.

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La drogue,
l’ennemi silencieux du Mali

Dans une région connue pour être un point névralgique pour la production,
le trafic et la consommation de drogues, la lutte du Mali contre
la drogue semble se renforcer.

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