State collusion
perpetuates oil smuggling
across Nigeria-Cameroon borders

Security forces tasked with tackling oil smuggling are benefiting from the
illicit business they are mandated to curb.

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Forced to beg:
Child trafficking from
Guinea-Bissau to Senegal

The exploitation of children by organised trafficking syndicates is one of the
fastest-growing criminal industries in West Africa.

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An explosive situation
Managing arms caches in Africa:
the case of the RECSA region

This paper considers actions Africa should take to limit the risks of undesirable
explosive events and ammunition diversions on the continent.

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reforestation plan
cuts illegal logging

While forest protection shows results, other damaging aspects of
illegal logging in Uganda continue.

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South Africa can’t
afford more delays on controlling
the use of explosives

The police minister needs to fast-track explosives regulations to stop the
illegal trade and safeguard the public.

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