Balancing protection
and profit in the Congo Basin

The One Forest Summit delivered more pledges, but accelerated
action is vital to stop illegal logging and deforestation.

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Illegal, unregulated and
unreported fishing threatens sharks
in the Republic of the Congo

Strategies to conserve the vanishing species of sharks
in the country’s coastal waters must be prioritised.

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sandalwood burn sparks
awareness of its illicit trade

Burning confiscated sandalwood in the country shows
that efforts are being made to stem the trafficking tide.

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arms flows in the
Karamoja Cluster

This study explores links between cattle rustling in East Africa’s
Karamoja Cluster and the flow of illicit arms into this ungoverned space.

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Organised crime
is infecting African and
global supply chains

The fishing and cocoa industries show how criminal networks
and corrupt officials exploit multinational supply chains.

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Landscape of fear:
crime, corruption and murder
in greater Kruger

The national park’s most-pressing challenge is no longer
preventing rhino poaching but eradicating internal corruption.

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