Analysing drug trafficking in East Africa: A media-monitoring approach


By analysing drug-related incidents reported in the media in three key East African nations over the past decade, this paper provides insights into drug trafficking in the region. This includes the different drug types in circulation across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; the quantities and trafficking methods used; as well as the origin, transit, and destination hubs. The report also suggests patterns in the actors involved, the nature of state responses and the reporting styles of the African and foreign press. The potential for improved sourcing using this methodology, and for greater public awareness of drug trafficking-related harms, lies in the development of stronger and more capable journalism in the region.

About the author

Ciara Aucoin is a senior research consultant with the ENACT project, formerly with the African Futures and Innovation program. Before joining the ISS, she was a senior researcher for ACLED and formerly Africa programme associate for the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum at the Social Science Research Council in New York.

Photo © AungMyo/Adobe Stock

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