13 Dec 2017

Arms trafficking / Africa in arms: Taking stock of efforts for improved arms control

This paper examines the current challenges posed by illicit arms flows in Africa and responses by the AU and regional organisations.

The future of Africa’s development is intrinsically linked to the continent’s ability to take charge of its peace and security. The African Union (AU) Commission is best placed to lead this process. However, the organisation and its member states have continuously been challenged by the widespread and uncontrolled flow of arms and ammunition. The AU Commission and its affiliated sub-regional organisations have put into place a number of initiatives and mechanisms that align their efforts with global processes, but Africa is yet to fully enjoy the dividends of these measures. This paper reviews the achievements attained so far, explores some of the drivers of the demand for arms and identifies recommendations for bolstering existing efforts.

About the author

Nelson Alusala joined the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) on the ENACT project in 2017 as a senior researcher, focusing on links between arms control and transnational organised crime. He has worked for the ISS and for the government of Kenya, the UN Group of Experts on the DRC, and the UN Panel of Experts on Liberia. He is also a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Pretoria’s Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation. He has a PhD in political science from the University of Pretoria.

Photo: © Lance Cpl. Lucas Hopkins, US Marine Corps


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