20 Mar 2020

Fauna / Will the melody linger on? Morocco moves to save the goldfinch

There is no dedicated strategy to address the illicit capture and trafficking of the goldfinch in the Maghreb.

The goldfinch is at risk of extinction in the Maghreb. Years of unrestrained poaching and trafficking have almost decimated it in Tunisia and Algeria. Morocco, its last preserve in the North African subregion, is today the main hotspot for poaching and trafficking the species. The songbird, which fetches hundreds of euros in neighbouring countries (and in Europe), is prized for its glorious voice and is domesticated and trained for singing competitions. Despite increasing awareness of the threat and many efforts to protect it, Moroccan wildlife and law enforcement authorities are struggling to detect and prosecute poachers and traffickers and prevent the eradication of this ornithological treasure.

About the author

Jihane Ben Yahia is the Regional Organised Crime Observatory Coordinator for North Africa. Based in Tunis, she joined the ENACT project in February 2018. Prior to joining the ISS, Jihane was a legal consultant and worked in local civil society organisations in the field of rule of law and governance.

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