03 Jul 2024

Arms trafficking / Firearms trafficking in Central and Western Africa

This report assesses the scope of firearms trafficking in these regions and provides insights into enhancing the fight against organised crime.

Firearms trafficking is a major enabler for transnational organised crime. It fuels violence, exacerbates conflict and enables terrorist and armed groups’ activities. Illicit circulation of firearms strengthens an array of illicit markets, including violent robberies, kidnapping, human and drug trafficking. Based on the analysis of information collected from INTERPOL Operation Trigger VIII, this analytical report assesses the scope of firearms trafficking in Central and Western Africa.



INTERPOL's role is to enable police in our 196 member countries to work together to fight transnational crime and make the world a safer place. We maintain global databases containing police information on criminals and crime, and we provide operational and forensic support, analysis services and training. These policing capabilities are delivered worldwide and support four global programmes: financial crime and corruption; counter-terrorism; cybercrime; and organized and emerging crime.

This analytical report was compiled in the framework of the European Union (EU) funded Project ENACT (Enhancing Africa’s response to transnational organized crime) and was produced with funding from the EU. The contents of this report are the responsibility of the author(s) and can no way be taken to reflect the views or position of the European Union or the ENACT partnership. Authors contribute to ENACT publications in their personal capacity.

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