Sandalwood trafficking in Kenya: uprooting a valuable resource


Kenya’s lucrative illicit sandalwood trade is run by community members, brokers, government officers, transporters and shipping container owners. The harvesting and trafficking of this fragrant wood is causing deforestation and cutting locals’ access to a source of traditional medicine.

This seminar will examine the trends and discuss Kenya’s options for stemming the destruction of this precious resource. Public education about the cost of sandalwood trafficking to local environments and effective implementation of the 2013 Wildlife Conservation and Management Act are key.

Chairperson: Dr Eric Kioko, Kenyatta University, Nairobi

Opening remarks: Louis Dey, EU Regional Coordinator for East and Southern Africa, Nairobi


Dr Willis Okumu, Senior Researcher, ENACT Programme, ISS Nairobi

Wycliffe Mauta, Researcher, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Nairobi

Jeff Okeyo, Commander, Kenya Forest Services, Samburu

Ngugi Mwangi, CEO, Unganisha Cultures, Nairobi


Willis Okumu, Phone: +254704773872, Email: [email protected]

Photo © Adapted from Willis Okumu

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