Rethinking drug prohibition in South Africa


South Africa’s prohibitionist and punitive response to drugs has not reduced the supply, demand or harms related to their use and trade. The criminalisation of people who use drugs is a massive burden on the criminal justice system. It is also a significant barrier to improving the economic, social and health prospects of affected communities.

This seminar will explore options for rethinking South Africa’s current drug policy landscape. Speakers will discuss the impact of the current approach and possible alternatives.

A new ENACT report Rethinking prohibition: Towards an effective response to drugs in South Africa will be released at the event.

Chairperson: Allan Ngari, Senior Researcher, ISS

Opening Remarks:
Raul de Luzenberger, Charge d’Affaires, EU Delegation South Africa
Justice Edwin Cameron, Retired Constitutional Court Judge

Shaun Shelly, Researcher, University of Pretoria
Dr Jane Marie Ong’olo, Head, Social Welfare, Vulnerable Groups and Drug Control at AU Commission

Shaun Shelly, [email protected]
Romi Sigsworth, [email protected]

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