Point of no return? Illegal sand mining in Kenya


Illegal sand mining involves the complete removal of sand from a source, preventing it from ever fully regenerating. The highly profitable crime is directly associated with violence, and blocks local communities from making an income through sand harvesting. There is little evidence of coherent government responses to the problem.

This seminar will discuss findings from an upcoming ENACT report on sand mining in Kenya. Speakers will share their experiences of its impact on community livelihoods and the ecosystems they depend on, and offer ideas on sustainable ways to harvest sand.

Chairperson: Dr Sunday Angoma Okello, Advisory Board Member, ENACT, and IGAD/CEWARN Conflict Analyst

Opening remarks: Louis Dey, EU Regional Coordinator for East and Southern Africa, Nairobi


Mohamed Daghar, ENACT Regional Coordinator for Eastern Africa, ISS Nairobi

Jacob Maluki, Senior County and Community Engagement Officer of Athi Basin Area, Water Resources Authority, Kenya

Halinishi Yusuf, Managing Director, Makueni County Sand Conservation and Utilisation Authority, Kenya


Mohamed Daghar, Phone: +254 737128999, Email: [email protected]

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