Organised crime and the cost of DRC’s coltan bounty


In 2019, 40% of coltan globally was produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), making it one of the country’s most important minerals. Its unique properties make coltan a core component of modern electronics.

But what should be a good news story for the DRC has a dark side. The mining and trading of coltan is riddled with human rights violations and environmental destruction. This seminar will unpack the organised crime business networks in the coltan supply chain and the corrective role that public policy and business decisions can play in the Great Lakes Region.

Simultaneous French–English interpretation will be provided.

Chairperson: Ruth Olofin, Acting Executive Director, CLEEN Foundation, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening remarks: EU representative (TBC)


Oluwole Ojewale, ENACT Regional Organised Crime Observatory Coordinator for Central Africa, ISS Dakar

Michel Buroko, Director, Agence Congolaise de l'Environnement, Goma, DRC

M Raoul Kitungano, Coordinator, Justice Pour Tous, DRC

Yann Le Cloarec, Regional Criminal Intelligence Analyst, ENACT-INTERPOL


Oluwole Ojewale, Phone: +221 77 175 8326, Email: [email protected]

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