New trends in the illicit drug markets in Africa


Synthetic drug trafficking and use is a growing concern in Africa. The scourge is impacting regions across the continent. Recent research shows that synthetic drugs will become a significant challenge for law enforcement and the government. A coherent understanding of the scope and scale of this illicit market is emerging. This needs to be more clearly understood, so that responses are based on evidence that addresses this challenge.

This webinar will explore the key criminal markets, actors and routes of synthetic drugs in Southern Africa. A case study of Mauritius will explore the growth of synthetic drugs and the harms it has on communities. Speakers will also consider ways the African Union Plan of Action on Drug Control and Crime Prevention may help address this challenge.

Chairperson: Allan Ngari, West Africa Regional Observatory Coordinator, ENACT

Opening Remarks: Representative of the European Union Delegation to South Africa


Jason Eligh, Senior Expert, Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime

Richard Chelin, Senior Researcher, ENACT

Dr Jane Marie Ong’olo, Head, Social Welfare, Vulnerable Groups and Drug Control at AU Commission


Richard Chelin, Senior Researcher, ENACT, [email protected]

Photo © Pills – MC inverse/Wikimedia Commons

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