Drug trafficking tests Mauritius’ good governance record


The Southern African region has not escaped the growing trend of illicit drug production, trafficking and abuse in Africa. This seminar will explore the impact of drug trafficking and abuse on governance and development in Mauritius and the region. Speakers will evaluate whether drug policies match the problem on the ground, and provide not just criminal justice responses but also social measures.

A new ENACT report Breaking Bans: the scourge of synthetic drugs in Mauritius will be launched at the event.

Chairperson: Catherine Moat, Project Manager, ENACT, ISS Pretoria


Richard Chelin, Researcher, ENACT, ISS Pretoria

Salim Hossanee, Assistant Superintendent, Mauritius Police Force

Zama Mboyisa, Independent Social Worker, Johannesburg

Jason Eligh, Senior Expert, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime – TBC


Richard Chelin, Phone: +27 739 968 124, Email: [email protected]

Photo © Government of Mauritius 2020

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