Drug trafficking, demand and use patterns in Africa, and policy implications


New research on heroin markets in 18 towns and cities shows how the drug economy has shaped the growth of coastal villages, border towns and megacities across East and Southern Africa. A network moves Afghan drugs south across the Indian Ocean and through Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique to South Africa.

Rapid urbanisation, the migration of low-skilled youth throughout the region, unemployment and poor local government service delivery contribute to the spread of heroin. Drug trafficking is building fortunes for a few ‘big fish’ and promoting corruption among police and politicians.


Andreea Schmidt, Global Illicit Flows Programme Manager, European Commission


Simone Haysom, Senior Analyst, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

Name and contact details of content person for enquiries: Simone Haysom, Simone.Haysom@globalinitiative.net

Photo © Wikimedia Commons

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