Armed conflict and the trafficking of guns and explosives in Africa


Research from Central and East Africa shows that the illegal arms trade is rife and is fuelling conflicts in these volatile regions. Findings from an Institute for Security Studies (ISS) investigation in the cross-border Karamoja region between South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, highlight the drivers and impacts of arms trafficking. INTERPOL analysis shows the links between organised crime and armed conflicts in East Africa and the need for research on trafficking in explosives in Central Africa.

This event is co-hosted by the ISS and INTERPOL. To attend in person, registration for the 11th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNTOC is required.

English-French interpretation will be provided at this event.

Moderator: Dr Oluwole Ojewale, ENACT Regional Organised Crime Observatory Coordinator, ISS Dakar


Anabella Corridoni, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, INTERPOL

Yann Le Cloarec, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, INTERPOL

Dr Willis Okumu, Senior Researcher, ENACT, ISS Nairobi


INTERPOL: Anabella Corridoni, Email: [email protected]
ISS: Willis Okumu, Email: [email protected]

Image: Sylvain Liechti/ MONUSCO

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