COVID-19 is driving Africa’s illicit medicines trade


COVID-19 is straining East Africa’s healthcare systems, and organised crime groups are exploiting these vulnerabilities. Powerful painkillers and counterfeit substandard medications from Asia are being sold on the black market. This relatively risk free activity for criminals can lead to addiction and death for victims and increases the burden on hospital and clinics.

This seminar will explore the consequences in East Africa in light of the pandemic. Speakers will also consider the illicit medicines trade in North and West Africa.

Chairperson: Joyce Kimani, Regional Specialist, East Africa, Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime

Opening Remarks: Mr Alexandre Baron, Head of Section for Macro-Economics and Governance, EU Delegation of the European External Action Service, Kenya


John-Patrick Broome, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, INTERPOL, Kenya

Maurice Ogbonnaya, Senior Research Consultant, ISS, Nigeria

Mark Micallef, North Africa and the Sahel Observatory Director, Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime, Malta

Enquiries: Chloe Desbenoit, [email protected]

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