Reading between the lies – a workshop on fake news


While the topic of fake news and misinformation has triggered much scrutiny across the globe, these discussions rarely identify how this phenomenon affects developing countries – and Africa in particular. The detrimental impact of misinformation campaigns has, however, been felt across the continent. This workshop will examine the complex challenges that fake news presents in a research environment, where misinformation affects not only how research is conducted, but also how it is used. From the workshop discussion, ENACT will produce a set of guidelines, including fact-checking resources and best practices. This workshop will be a platform for frank discussion of the challenges faced by African researchers and journalists working in a time of widespread misinformation. Presentations will include a summary of current research on fake news, both in Africa and globally. Working journalists and researchers will share their experiences of the impact that fake news has had on their work. Fact-checking organisations will share tools for researchers and media, as well as case studies about the impact of misinformation.

Welcome: Eric Pelser, ENACT programme head, ISS

Chair: Michael Schmidt, Founder, Professional Journalists' Association of South Africa


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Photo © Jacqueline Cochrane/ISS

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